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Hi i was wondering if somebody could put in saints row 3 clothes.... for saints row 4... the only type of clothing i really want is the BANDIT for my charater cause it looks really cool.


This mod gives you access to previously inaccessible buying clothes. You can now pulled on a suit of armor, or the Night Blade to run in the shoes of the Boa...


Saints Row: The Third - GuideThrough. скриншоты79. галерея3228.


Всем привет я Дмитрий (DIMASSSS)(DIMASSSS_mod)! В этом моде присутствует такая замена одежды как: Костюм Специалиста Декера Костюм Солдата Декера и Наушники Костюм Солдата Монингстар Костюм Командос Stag Костюм Шаунди Голова Сайруса Новую одежду можно...


Игра Saints Row 2. Неофициальный русский сайт. Всё об игре Saints Row 2. Обзор, коды, прохождение, советы, карты, системные требования. saintsrow2.ru.


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Saints Row: The Third clothing for Saints Row IV. This mod adds all of the clothing that was in Saints Row: The Third but is missing from Saints Row IV.


It's a shame really, unless you have this mod. It brings all of the Saints Row The Third clothing over that was left out to complete your wardrobe with all your favorite Saints Row 3 threads.


The mod has been carefully balanced to be used by either a newcomer or a veteran to the series, and offers 100+ new clothing items with 120+ new logos, improved weather including a darker night time


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