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Easy Sudoku Puzzles. Back to puzzles. To play online or print a puzzle, click on its image. These puzzles are all rated "Easy" ( ).


Want to learn more about easy Sudoku puzzles? Here is the place to start. I have handcrafted these easy Sudoku puzzles for your enjoyment. All of these easy printable free Sudoku puzzles can be solved by using simple logic as described in my article How To Play Sudoku.


Other Puzzles.


Free Printable Sudoku Puzzles. Sudoku is easy to play and the rules are simple. Fill in the blanks so that each row, each column, and each of the nine 3x3 grids contain one instance of each of the numbers 1 through 9.


24/7 Sudoku's Easy Sudoku puzzles are for all beginner sudoku players and those seasoned players looking for a quick and fun game. Sudoku is a relatively easy game to play and 24/7 Sudoku's awesome site makes it even easier to see and enjoy this great popular puzzle game!


Easy Sudoku number 1262 for beginners and for kids. Start playing or practice your Sudoku skills.


An Independence Day themed Sudoku game with hundreds of different puzzles and many difficulties!


See if you can solve one of our easy sudoku puzzles!