увеличение зарплаты — increase / rise in wages / salaries ... Inflation — The rate at which the general level of prices for goods and services is rising. The New York Times Financial Glossary * * * inflation in‧fla‧tion [ɪnˈfleɪʆ n] noun ...


The New York Times Financial Glossary * * * uptick up‧tick [ˈʌptɪk] noun 1. ... ( Economics) small increase in the price of a stock; securities transaction at a price  ...


30 май 2016 ... ... the International New York Times and the Financial Times, he is the ... His 1985 book, Costs of Default, became an influential primer for Latin ...


Wage Push Inflation — A general increase in the cost of goods that is preceded by and results ... The New York Times Financial Glossary * * * inflation in‧fla‧tion ...


cost inflation — sąnaudų sukelta infliacija statusas Aprobuotas sritis ... cost-push inflation — inflation caused by rising prices, usually from increased raw material or labor costs ... The New York Times Financial Glossary * * * inflation in‧fla‧tion ...


core inflation — noun a) Inflation without the increase or decrease of prices in some sectors ... The New York Times Financial Glossary * * * inflation in‧fla‧tion ...


The New York Times: Blackout: The Power Outage That Left 50 Million W/o Electricity | Retro Report.


... reducing inequality since the 1990s, inequality continues to increase in the United ... The New York Times.16 October. ... Sachs J. (2011) The Price of American Civilization: Reawakening American ... Stiglitz J. (2012) The Price of Inequality.


Blow-Off Top — A steep and rapid increase in price followed by a steep and rapid drop in price. Here is ... The New York Times Financial Glossary … Financial ...


Jan 23, 2019 ... "Despite the recent increase in mortgage rates and the multi-year run-up in US ... "That said, higher cost coastal markets, particularly those in high tax states, are ... A New York Times article says Microsoft wants to help create ...


The New York Times - Breaking News, World News & Multimedia The New...


June 13, 1995, Page 00007 The New York Times Archives. Gasoline prices nationwide rose almost a penny a gallon in the last three weeks, a new survey says.


WASHINGTON — Pfizer, the giant multinational drug company, said on Tuesday that it would defer some price increases, after President Trump thrashed the company in a Twitter post. The company — whose products include Celebrex, Lipitor, Premarin, Viagra and Zoloft, as well as Ibrance...


List of prices in New York City (United States) for food, housing, transportation, going out, and more on Nov 2018.


This week, The New York Times is sporting a new price tag on New York City newsstands: $2.50. This is just one of the planned price increases for the paper, which also includes higher home delivery rates. According to the AP, the new cost is a 50 cent increase for the weekday and Saturday editions.


By The New York Times | Source: Forest Economic Advisors. Is this evidence that the tariffs have priced the Canadians out of the United


The New York Times will raise its price for home delivery beginning on Feb.


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+ - NEW YORK — The price of The New York Times has gone up by 50 cents. On New York City newsstands, the Times now costs $2.50 for the


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