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Archive emails to Salesforce, edit any Salesforce record from inside Gmail and automatically sync your calendar and contacts so your data in Salesforce will always be up to date.


With Calendar Sync, all your events are automatically synced between Salesforce and your Gmail calendar.


“Ebsta provides an incredibly smooth route to linking emails from Gmail with account/contact/opportunity activity. In addition, it is an easy sync between Salesforce and our Google calendars. We pay for very few Salesforce add-ins.


With Salesforce Gmail Calendar Sync, you can create, edit, and delete appointments and meetings in Gmail – and instantaneously sync them to your Salesforce calendar. How does it work? You’ve seen this before.


Anyone who doubts the importance of email marketing needs to talk to Cirrus Insight, which just announced a new service that automates email sync between Gmail and Salesforce.


All Things Templates For Gmail. Use Touchpoints to set up multi-channel Sales Campaigns from your Inbox.


Salesforce Gmail Calendar Sync Sync Your Gmail Calendar With Why Every Sales Org Needs To Get On Salesforce Inbox Salesforce Blog .


Supported Plans: Essential + Ebsta for Salesforce's Calendar Sync ensures that whenever events...