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Your Xbox One Trade. Trading At Gamestop Gone Wrong. Gamestop Trade In.


But remember, when trading in a PS4 or Xbox One, you need to pass GameStop inspection in order to be considered eligible. This means your system must have all of the components it came with in the original box (so that also means the one controller) and it needs to be in good working order.


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[QUOTE="Telekill"] EB Game and Gamestop RIP YOU OFF when it comes to trade-ins. I'll never trade anything in to them again.


View trade-in cash & credit values for Xbox One Elite Controller on Xbox One.


If I trade-in my 360 to gamestop for an xbox one, do I keep the hard drive and insert it into the xbox one? or am I going to lose all of my movies/shows/games I've purchased on the 360?


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Gamestop trade in Value Xbox 360 Consoles and games?