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Undefined slope is so often misunderstood and many students find it confusing that I thought it would be a good thing to dedicate a special lesson to explain


How to find the slope of a line from its graph--explained by a video tutorial with pictures, examples and several practice problems.


Undefined Slope Example.


A line with undefined slope is a vertical line, so there are an infinite number of possibilities for y and only one possible value of x, so this is not a function.


Vertical and Horizontal Lines, Slope of Zero and Undefined Slopes - Продолжительность: 4:25 Philip Brown 7 120 просмотров.


Undefined Slope. When a straight line is drawn in a two dimensional cartesian plane, the line may intersect or not on the x-axis.


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If the slope is undefined, it's a vertical line. Put a point at (3,10) and draw a vertical line through it. By the way, the equation for this would be x=3.


Example Find the slope of each given line. a. 4y + 3 = 15 b. 5x = 20 Solution a. 4y + 3 = 15 (Solve for y) 4y = 12 y = 3 Horizontal line, the slope of the line is 0. b. 5x = 20 x = 4 Vertical line, the slope is undefined. Slide 8. Graphing Using Intercepts The point at which the graph crosses the x-axis is...


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