A (n-z). ANALYSIS ревизия; анализ; ~ of accounts ревизия счетов. ...... признания за лицом юридической дееспособности; testamentary ...... GUARDIAN.


A(n-z). ANALYSIS: ревизия; анализ; ~ of accounts ревизия счетов. .... (guardian ) ad litem назначить (опекуна) на время судебного процесса. .... post- testamentary ~ правопритязание, заявленное после составления завещания.


hosted in New Zealand called www.researchco-op.co.nz. You could have ..... Testator. Завещатель. Guardian. Опекун. Guardian ad litem. Опекун ad litem ...


Carlyon Holdings Ltd. // Employment Reports of New Zealand (Employment Court). ..... over the Feoffment to the Uses to Be Declared in Testamentary Instructions. .... Reeve, T. The Law of Baron and Femme, of Parent and Child, Guardian and ...


What is TESTAMENTARY GUARDIAN? the name of a guardian in a parent’s will who will look after a child’s inheritance and other matters until the child reaches age.


testamentary guardian (plural testamentary guardians). (law) A person appointed by a testator to assume legal guardianship of a minor following the death of a parent or other legal guardian. “Guardianship - Family Court of New Zealand”, in (Please provide the title of the work)...


Manufacturer to take off references to New Testament passages on kit used by British, US and New Zealand troops in Afghanistan.


Testamentary guardian is a person named in a will to act as a guardian. Usually testamentary guardians are appointed by a widowed parent of a minor child or disabled adult child to render...


testamentary guardian — see guardian Merriam Webster’s Dictionary of Law.


Article # concerning testamentary guardianship, stipulates that “the testamentary guardian must be of the Islamic faith, judicious, capable, upright and a good administrator” and that “if he does not fulfil...


‘Testamentary Guardianship’ refers to the process whereby a guardian is appointed for a child by someone in the event of their death. The guardian may be, for example, a close relative such as a...


Testamentary Guardian Alternative Definition. A guardian appointed by last will of a father to have custody of his child and his real and personal estate till he attains the age of twenty-one.


The testamentary guardian must be at least 20 when the parent dies. Testamentary guardians have the same responsibilities as other guardians but they don’t have the right to have the child in their care.


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