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RBC Direct Investing is the only online brokerage in Canada that offers you a completely integrated Practice Accounts feature. Unlike other Practice Accounts, ours is not a demo. That means you can experience our online investing site and become a more knowledgeable investor before investing...


At RBC Direct Investing, you can access your accounts through our online investing site, the RBC Mobile app or an Investment Services


RBC Direct Investing Inc. Royal Bank Plaza 200 Bay Street, North Tower P.O. Box 75 Toronto, Ontario M5J 2Z5.


You can also open an account at any RBC Royal Bank Branch or Investor Centre.


However, unlike RBC Direct Investing, Questrade offers a live chat support through its online platform during the day. Questrade’s Learning Centre is also open to assist customers from 9AM to 5PM ET during the week. It’s hard to say which firm has the edge in support since they offer a different level of...


Track your RBC Royal Bank investments, RBC Direct Investing and RBC Dominion Securities accounts in one convenient place. Plus, contribute to your RRSP, renew GICs, buy RBC Mutual Funds and get personalized investment advice with MyAdvisor. Order Foreign Cash Online.


RBC Direct Investing. Reward Yourself! Make cash contributions or pay for online trade commissions with your RBC Rewards® points.2.


Chat with RBC Direct Investing, see advice from other customers how to live message with RBC Direct Investing if instant messaging with them is


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