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The EverlyWell Heavy Metals Test measures your levels of several environmental heavy metals and for creatinine, which is used in this test as a laboratory control to ensure accuracy.

Heavy Metal Toxicity is a serious issue. Toxic heavy metals are harmful and cause diseases. Continued exposure to mercury

“Heavy metals toxicity” testing is a clinical screening hair test for the accurate evaluation of high levels of toxic metals, minerals and trace elements concentrations. Shows a person’s clear exposure ranges of toxic metals using a hair sample profile.

How to Test Heavy Metal Toxicity with Dr. Rau The big difference between a "holistic" or "functional medicine" clinic and a conventional is that they look...

This test is used as a first-pass to detect whether or not a thorough (and expensive) lab test is warranted. In the mini-package you will find: - set of instructions - PLEASE FOLLOW EXACTLY FOR RELIABLE RESULTS - 3 Heavy Metal Test Strips giving you a general indication of metals presence.

Comprehensive Heavy Metals Profile, Urine Test. Direct-to-consumer lab testing; No doctor referral or insurance necessary.

Heavy metals and chemical toxicity can create critical and usually, undiagnosed

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