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15 апр 2014 ... [Shot] 1. крупность изображения; м.б. дальний план, общий, средний, крупный, ... [Ultra-wide angle lens] ... [Aerial shot/Bird's eye view]


Перевод контекст "bird's-eye view" c английский на русский от Reverso Context: We got our first impression of Santo Domingo at the bird's-eye view.


Получите 9 второе стоковое видео «birds eye view dolly slow» со скоростью 25 кадров в секунду. Видео с разрешением 4K и HD, уже готовое к ...


Zoom in and out, rotation, different angles and bird's eye view. * Different game modes: 8 or 9-ball, ... Jump shots and snipping. * Realistic gameplay and billiard  ...


Extreme wide angle POV shot of an athlete cyclist riding fast on a road bike. ... hd 00:12A birds eye view shot of a person biking on a road in slow motion.


16 июн 1987 ... This birds eye view angle of this road emphasizes how the woods surrounds it and the road's size in comparison.


Angle shot — съемка в ракурсе. Animated cartoon ... Bird's eye view — съемка с верхней точки, с птичьего полета ... Camera angle — угол съемки, ракурс


27 янв 2013 ... Close shot - это первый тип кадрирования, где ацент в первую очередь идет на ... DUTCH ANGLE: Голландский ракурс, камера наклонена так, что линия ... THE BIRDS EYE VIEW: План с высоты птичьего полета.


Panning shot of treetops in autumn, with falling leaves and the sun shining through ... crane glowed yellow toward the sky Shoot fallen leaves with wide angle lens ... sides - shot with drone quad copter birds eye view perspective from above.


Shoulder-Level Shot. Dutch Angle Shot. Birds-Eye-View Shot / Overhead Shot.


Bird’s-Eye View (aka Top Shot) A high-angle shot that’s taken from directly overhead and from a distance. The shot gives the audience a wider view and is useful for showing direction and that the subject is moving, to highlight special relations, or reveal to the audience elements outside the...


The bird's-eye view is also very useful in shooting sports or documentaries etc., as you can show an entire scope of action or landscape in a single view.


Learn when to use camera angles and camera moves in this free video covering bird's eye view shots. Expert: Kevin Lindenmuth Contact: www.lindenmuth.com Bio...


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Wind turbines producing clean renewable energy. hd00:13Bird Eye View Picture High angle shots Wind turbine in a field of Thailand from drones.


A bird's-eye view is an elevated view of an object from above, with a perspective as though the observer were a bird, often used in the making of blueprints, floor plans, and maps.


Le dictionnaire constate qu'une vue plongeante est "a birds-eye-view" et que un plan plongé n'est que "a high angle shot."


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