Stage icon and amazingly acerbic on 30 Rock! Иконы Стиля, Изящное ... elaine stritch: love the outfit.gotta check out this amazing woman! Mary Morris · Acting.

Еще. из Flickr · Credited as 'Colleen' by Cory Loftis, but it's unmistakably ELAINE STRITCH! ... Stritch. Colleen was her character's name on the show, 30 Rock.

Matt LeBlanc — Episodes; Дон Чидл — Обитель лжи. Don Cheadle — House of ... Elaine Stritch — 30 Rock; Дот-Мари Джонс — Лузеры Dot-Marie Jones — ...

Пятый сезон американского комедийного телесериала «Студия 30» впервые был показан ..... '30 Rock': Alan Alda marvels at the stamina of fellow guest Elaine Stritch (англ.). ... '30 Rock' recap: 'To a hundred more episodes!' (англ.).

Прайм-тайм премия «Эмми» в категории «Лучшая приглашённая актриса в комедийном .... Пятикратная номинантка на премию Элейн Стритч получила её в 2007 году ... Элизабет Бэнкс номинировалась на премию трижды: в 2011 году за роль в сериале «Студия 30», и в 2012 и .... (The Spider Episode), HBO.

Черри Джонс / Cherry Jones / : всё о персоне на сайте KINOMANIA.RU. Обои, фотографии, фильмография, биография, факты, новости и многое другое о ...

Elaine Stritch: Say that again? Elaine Stritch: Well she thinks he's - you know, he's got to catch up for God's sakes. You know, grow up, grow up is what

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One of my favorite Elaine Stritch moments on 30 Rock. From Season 1, Episode 21: Hiatus R.I.P. Awesome Lady.

30 Rock is an American satirical television sitcom that ran on NBC from October 11, 2006, to January 31, 2013. Created by Tina Fey, the series follows the lives of the head writer of The Girlie Show with...

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"Christmas Special" is the sixth episode of the third season of the American television comedy series 30 Rock. It was written by executive story editor Kay Cannon, and series' creator, executive producer and lead actress Tina Fey. The director of this episode was series producer Don Scardino.

Elaine Stritch had made a name for herself in many ways, but perhaps the most indelible recent addition to her resume was the role of Colleen Donaghy on 30 Rock.

The news of Elaine Stritch's death today has brought out all manner of reminiscences

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