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BALLS episode 2 Testicular Cancer. By: Charlie David.


As described in the section How is testicular cancer diagnosed?, this type of surgery removes the testicle (or testicles) containing the cancer. An incision is made just above the pubic area, and the testicle is gently removed from the scrotum through the opening.


Did I mention Mr. Balls is actually a wearable costume? Because he is. Somebody can actually get in there and dance and wave their arms around AND WHY CAN'T IT BE ME?


Personal Experiences. Science. I Had Testicular Cancer: 4 Awkward Realities.


Reason: Cancer Balls: 1. His Story: He was a third basemen for the Red Sox, and was diagnosed with testicular cancer in February 1999.


A testicular cancer patient is admitted to the hospital for an orchiectomy to remove a cancerous testicle.


I had my left ball removed due to definite testicular cancer (and a subsequent lymph-node dissection) some time ago. Fortunately it was in time and I avoided chemo/radio and am well in the clear, years later.


Be on the balls. What is testicular cancer?


The guy was wheeled into the operating room, doped up, and veiled entirely, except for the surgical site: his balls.