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In Saints Row: The Third (aka Saints Row 3) for PS3 and Xbox 360, obviously you’re a lot more limited on mods compared to the PC version. On the PC version you can install all sorts of mods to create nude characters and such...


How do I use these tattoos on my sim ? The Sims 3 version must be 1.12 or higher. You need the Expanded Tattoo mod (XCAS core mod by CmarNYC OR if…


and has released some new character skins and tattoos for Saints Row: The Third, including chest hair, freckles, and Kiss makeup! You can grab the latest v1.2 of his character customization mod including all of the above new options from our forum!


A fan of the temporary weapons of Saints Row: The Third, I was happy to see Snipe fix that issue with Permanent-Temporary Weapons Unlock Mod which unlocks all the weapons you couldn't previously buy from your friendly neighborhood gun store.


Apr 21 2017 Released 2013 Third Person Shooter. This mod is an easy to install compilation of several mods I've released over the past year at the Saints Row Mods website.


Hairstyle Rugged class (austere) from the Saints Row The Third.Hairstyle beautiful looks in the game, there is a model of cut scenes, textures are 512 x 512 (for better display of hair), fiv.


For Saints Row The Third: Just copy all the files in main game directory. Then visit "Image as designed" to design character.


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Are all your friends playing Saints Row IV and you're not? Me too. Are you going to wait for it to go on sale? Me too. In the meantime, fellow budget-conscious gamer, join me in wringing a bit more ridiculous, violent fun from Saints Row: The Third . We'll do it with cheats! Not just some cheats.