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Olympus Mons sits in an area full of volcanoes known as Tharsis Montes – there are eleven siblings and all of them are much larger than any volcano seen here on Earth.


Olympus Mons is a big volcano. It is almost unimaginably huge. It is 550 kilometers (342 miles)


In fact, Mauna Kea is even taller than Mount Everest, when measured from where it begins on the ocean floor. It is extremely unlikely any mountains larger than Olympus Mons will be discovered on...


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In fact, three other large volcanoes near Olympus Mons are similarly gigantic; if only one of the four volcanoes in the region existed, it would be the tallest feature in the solar system.


*The Hawaii Island, Maui would fit inside its huge caldera. *Large volcanoes, like Olympus Mons, can exist on Mars because the planet has low gravity and does not have tectonic surface movement.


Olympus Mons, on the planet Mars, is the tallest volcano in the Solar System at a height of 14 miles.


Olympus Mons is part of a complex of volcanoes that lie along a volcanic plateau called the