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HEAVY RAIN - Innocent Ending. Addictive Gamer. Загрузка...


On this page of our Heavy Rain Game Guide, we explain the requirements of unlocking Innocent epilogue. This is one of the most positive endings of Ethan's character. This epilogue assumes that Ethan, who is being held in custody, is cleared of the charges and may meet his son.


Heavy Rain only allows one save at a time, and keeps a permanent timeline of your choices.


One of the endings for Heavy Rain on PS3 You'll get this ending if Ethan is arrested the second time, and Shaun is still rescued while he's in prison.


There are a total of 7 endings in Heavy Rain that can be unlocked. Each one requires a different set of actions to be completed during the game.


heavy rain square oneheavy rain endings heavy rain how to save everyone dead heroine heavy rain ending heavy rain a new life walkthrough heavy rain canon ending heavy rain resignation heavy rain epilogues. 28 Feb 2010 7 Dec 2011 apparently the ign guide is incorrect.


Ethan is proven innocent of being the 'Origami Killer' and starts over with Grace & Shaun. *


Heavy Rain - Epilogue - Tears in the Rain [Ending]. videogamescenes.


" Innocent " is one of seven possible endings to Ethan Mars ' story in Heavy Rain . It is his third best ending. Ethan Mars. Shaun Mars. Grace Mars. Ethan is proven to be innocent. Ethan is seen being released from prison; much to his surprise...


What the Best Ending in Heavy Rain is is still very much a contentious subject amongst fans. This is because there are so many ways that the


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