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A very easy and short tutorial on integration of Google Maps SDK in iOS apps along with a brief description of how to use Places API in iOS apps.


Programming Blog Focused on PHP, MySQL, jQquery, Ajax, WordPress.


PHP & WordPress Projects for $10 - $30. Hello, I have a WordPress site that is needing to use the Google Map API.


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This article explains Google Maps Integration in PHP. You can integrate Google Maps into your pages but before doing that you need the Google Maps API Library version 3.0.


Recommend:php - Google maps API integration in WordPress. s. I can not solve this problem the whole day. So I read googlemaps api docs, and I tried to follow the instructions in docs but no result.


What's the common way to integrate php and google map api? I tried to create the getShop.php script which access the db and fetch the list of shops with lat and lon information in xml document. But without access?


I have seen many threads on Google MAP API implementation i have posted replies on many threads but its better to start new thread as tutorial on Google Map API Intigration using PHP.


Please read the google map API tutorial. It was very helpful for me. The basic things I think you need to focus on are: How is the current data stored? Do I have the data I need (lat/lng) from the known addresses)?


Overview. The Ivory Google Map project provides a Google Map integration for your PHP 5.6+ project. It allows you to manage map, controls, overlays, events & services through the Google Map API v3.