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1. Complete the sentences with a suitable word or expression.


won by England. d). founded by Lord Reith. 10. Candle In The Wind was. a).


I won't forget to tell you, I promise. (promise). 4. Alex will win the race. He runs every day. (prediction). 5. I will have two colas, please, I'm very thirsty. (instant decision).


Complete the sentences using can or (be) able to. Use can if possible; otherwise use (be) able to.


I need to have a more complete understanding. I haven't had Spanish in a long time and listening to it … read more.


Ответ или решение1. 1 - They won`t go to the party, will they? 2 - This house is new, isn't it? 3 - I`m your doctor, aren't I? 4 - There is much snow there, isn't there? 5 - There is no juice in the fridge, is there? 6 - She never comes in time, does she?


Then compare your sentences with your partner.


I expect it _ cold later. 7. Stop worrying about the exam – you _ easily. 8. Why do you want to leave so early? It _____ very long to get there. B. Look at the sentences and make one complete sentence, using the word in bold.


MrHubertTEACHER. Vocabulary Level E Unit 4 Completing the Sentence. expunge. bequeath.