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Aside from a large number of tasty and predictably prepared menu selections, Applebee’s satisfies diners with relatively affordable pricing.


Applebee’s Grill + Bar has an extensive menu with so many selections and combos to choose from. Order now at your nearest Applebee's Restaurant.


If you've ordered a hearty meal from one of the Applebee's menus you will want to choose the perfect beverage to wash it all down and the Applebee's beverage menu is the place to price and make the...


Applebee’s Menu Prices. As a flagship of American casual dining, Applebee's serves great American dishes at great value.


You can now browse the complete Applebee’s menu with prices straight from your phone or from your home computer.


Applebee’s is one of the only chains that offer a menu online with actual prices, and that can be found on their own website here: www.applebees.com/menu.


Below is a list of the latest Applebee's prices that includes individual items, sides, and combo meals. Just scroll down and you can see the rest of the menu and prices yourself!


Finally, take a look at this video showing some special menu items from the Applebee’s menu. Recent Applebee’s Menu Prices 2017, Locations and Nutrition Info News.


Now to the Applebee’s menu prices and how I was able to escape a glorious night out with the kids and wife for under $100.00 which by the way seems less possible with each and every time we dine out.


Applebee's menu prices are subject to change without prior notice. Prices shown in images & the following table should be seen as estimates...