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If the App Store icon seems to be missing from your Apple iPhone or iPad, give these steps a try to find it. Fix 1 – Double Check Everywhere. Be sure the icon is not in a folder.


The Apple App Store icon is one of the always-ending applications on any iPhone or iPod.


Tap on App Store. Turn off the switch for Badge App Icon. Head back to your home-screen and you'll notice that the badge app is gone.


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Open the App Store app in iOS. Go to the Purchased section of the App Store.


The App Store Icon on my IPhone 4 is gone. I checked Restrictions, Reseted the Homescreen and checked all Folders... any Ideas?


You can retrieve it either by re-downloading it from the App Store or going to Settings-General-Reset-Reset Home Screen, which will reset app layout to how it was originally. Either way, you will then need to log in again to your email, so I would go with the first option.


How to Search for iPhone Apps. 1. To start, locate the pre-installed App Store icon on your home screen, entitled "App Store."