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1925 penny value - Australia. The 1925 Australian penny obverse. features the robed and crowned bust of. King George V facing left, with the legend


Price 2018 - 1925 Penny Australia Value, 1920 australian penny value - all coin values, 1920 australian penny value. what is a 1920 penny worth? values, images, and specifications for 1920 penny coins from australia.


KGV Australian Penny at Allcoinvalues.com. Australia Penny and Half Penny 1911 to 1939.


An Australian 1925 bronze Penny (George V), uncirculated and in absolute mint condition could fetch up to $17,500 AUD.


...∗∗ FREE Insured Shipping ∗∗∗ Up for sale here is an excellent 1925-M George V Australia Penny.This is a rarer date 1925 Australia Penny with strong detail.


1925 penny value - Australia - All Coin Values 1925 Australian penny value. What is a 1925 penny worth? Values, images, and specifications for 1925 penny coins from Australia.


Value $50 +. The other two “keydate” Australian pennies that you might find are the 1925 and 1946 penny. The 1925 has the Commonwealth of Australia design on the tails side, while the 1946 penny has a kangaroo on the tails side.


Find the value of 1925 Australia Silver 3 Pence Aubu Km 24 and coins that are available on the market.


617. Page 44 Item 2. 1925 Penny with Broken leg of second N variety VF. The mintage was The price of silver began to rise as the war progressed, and there was a real concern that the bullion value of Australia's coins would soon exceed their face value.