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    1. sudowoodo smogon sun moon

      • Sudowoodo learns the following moves when it evolves in Pokémon Sun/Moon (regardless of level).
      • Neoseeker Forums » Pokémon Community » Nintendo 3DS Games » General Pokémon » Pokémon Strategy » Official Smogon Sun Moon OU banlist.


    2. Where's the Beef: Buffing Old Pokémon in Sun and Moon - Smogon University

      • With Sun and Moon giving it Head Smash, Sudowoodo can now hit very hard while still having a decent coverage move in Wood Hammer. Overall, this doesn't change too much, since it is still slow and can't really circumvent its lack of bulk and Speed...


    3. Sticky - Sun/Moon Sprite Project: Dawn of a New Day | Smogon Forums

      • To apply to be an animator: -Send a private message on Smogon to me (Layell) with the title "Sun/Moon Animator Application" -Include a minimum of one animated sprite, with a maximum of three, ideally Pokemon related.


    4. Sudowoodo | XY | Smogon Strategy Pokedex

      • Sudowoodo could take the role of a sun setter, although it's outclassed by Onix and Golem, which can do the same role better. Leftovers can be used for a bit of recovery per turn, although Custap Berry fits Sudowoodo's role as a lead Pokemon better.


    5. Sudowoodo | SM | Smogon Strategy Pokedex

      • — PP. 5. Summons sun for five turns.


    6. Sudowoodo | RS | Smogon Strategy Pokedex

      • The last slot is dedicated to Sudowoodo's Normal move of choice. Explosion can take out nearly any Pokemon in the tier when backed by Choice Band, and in fact it is the strongest unboosted attack in the tier.
      • Summons sun for five turns.


    7. Sudowoodo Pokédex: stats, moves, evolution & locations | Pokémon Database

      • Moves learnt on evolution. Sudowoodo learns the following moves when it evolves in Pokémon Sun/Moon (regardless of level).
      • Sudowoodo is compatible with these Technical Machines in Pokémon Sun/Moon


    8. Data - Pokemon Sun/Moon Battle Mechanics Research | Smogon Forums

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    9. Smogon Sudowoodo

      • How to Use Sudowoodo [Pokémon Sun & Moon]. Sudowoodo is the new Trick Room threat!
      • Hoopa Trick Room Team Builder! - Pokemon Showdown RU Team Building w. macadii (Smogon ORAS RU).


    10. Leaked Pokémon Sun and Moon Information (April Fools Article) - Smogon University

      • Later this year, we'll be playing the brand new Pokémon Sun and Moon games. We're happy to finally give you guys some long-awaited information!
      • Codraroll, under guidance from Smogon's Flying Press, decided to meet with the user.