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    1. Sudoku Solutions: Sudoku Solver

      • sudoku-solutions.com - Sudoku Tutor and Solver.
      • When a hint is requested, the solver uses a set of solving techniques to find the next step to solve the puzzle.


    2. Sudoku Solver - Sudoku, Super Sudoku, Samurai Sudoku and Godoku

      • Sudoku Solver Statistics. Total members: 9,748.
      • Sudokus solved today: 4. Total Sudokus generated: 783,945.


    3. Code Fellows | Sudoku Solver from Scratch in JavaScript (TDD Style): A Tutorial

      • However, it’s not really cheating if you write an app that does the heavy lifting, is it? That’s what we’re setting out to do today—write a Sudoku solver from scratch in JavaScript.


    4. Math sudoku solver 3x3 Free Download for Windows

      • Sudoku Solver 3.2. - Generate text messages for use with non-SMTP mail systems.
      • Sudoku Solver is a shareware Windows program that helps solving sudokus.


    5. Sudoku Solver & Generator

      • Advanced solver options: Solving type: Mixed Guessing Logic.
      • Default values for advanced options are fine for almost any sudoku puzzle.


    6. Free sudoku solver 3X3

      Name: Free Sudoku Solver 3x3. File size: 21 MB. Date added: January 11, 2013. Price: Free. Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8. Total downloads: 1040. Downloads last week: 73.


    7. Sudoku solving tips

      • Tm. Sudoku solving tips. Terms you will need to know.
      • There are 8 different deductive techniques that SudokuSolver will point out for you when they are available.


    8. 3x9 Sudoku Solver: Number Insertion Func - C++ Forum

      • I haven’t looked at any Sudoku algorithms, code, problems, etc. online because I wanted the program to be an original project, with me generating most of the code. Besides, this is for a 3x9 puzzle...


    9. Sudoku Solver Help With 3x3 Boxes - C And C++ | Dream.In.Code | Forum

      • hi i am currently working on a sudoku solver which is a basic brute force method, i will post my code but i think where im having trouble is the 3x3 box checking function which is called BadBox...


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