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    1. Shamash - Wikipedia

      Shamash (Akkadian: Šamaš dUD


    2. Shamash - New World Encyclopedia

      • She responds by going up to the roof of her palace to offer her prayers. "She set incense in front of Shamash, she offered fragrant cuttings, and raised her arms to Shamash."


    3. Shamash (シャマシュ, known as "Mash" in the English Anime) is a Kami-class spirit and the guardian...

      Shamash (シャマシュ, known as "Mash" in the English Anime) is a Kami-class spirit and the guardian ghost of Iron Maiden Jeanne. Shamash is the Babylonian god of justice and Jeanne's guardian ghost. He established the ancient laws concerning justice, seasons and wars in Mesopotamia as their sun god.


    4. Shamash | Mesopotamian god | Britannica.com

      • At night, Shamash became judge of the underworld. Detail of the stela inscribed with Hammurabi’s code, showing the king before the god Shamash


    5. Shamash — Universalium

      Shamash [shä′mäsh] n. 〚< Akkadian shamshu, sun〛 Bab. & Assyr. Myth. the sun god, responsible for summer warmth and the success of crops, and a symbol for justice * * *.


    6. Shamash - Mashpedia Free Video Encyclopedia

      • Published: 2016/08/14. Channel: Metal Promotion. Ancient Knowledge Pt 5 Energy, Coral Castle, Tablet of Shamash, Saturn, Magnetism ; Mythology.


    7. Shamash dictionary definition | Shamash defined

      • SHAMASH, or Samas, the common name of the sun-god in Babylonia and Assyria. Both in early and in late inscriptions Shamash is designated as the "offspring of Nannar," i.e.


    8. Shamash - definition of Shamash by The Free Dictionary

      • 1) New quantitative and graphical methods should be developed, similar to the work of Shamash (Shamash 2012), to communicate the probability of particular future climate scenarios...


    9. Shamash: The Jewish Network

      • Shamash: The Jewish Network, strives to be the highest quality central point of Jewish information and discussion on the Internet. Our mission is to provide a broad array of...


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