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    1. saints row the third pubic hair mod

      • Saints row the third, saints row IV and gat outta hell have modding mishaps so i just tought saints row 2 should have it's own thread.
      • "It looks like pubic hairs in a drain!" - Mitch Cronin, saints row 1 breeak the build. Check out my SR2 Mod: NOVA SPE.


    2. Hair Mod | Saints Row Mods | Forum

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      • Isn't there any hair mod? I really hate the hair custumization on SRTT.


    3. Viper's Body Mods | Saints Row Mods | Forum

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      • We have the ability to port clothing from SRIV to saints row the third in some ways but it doesn't always turn out right and we have no way to modify them in any way because we haven't been given the tools.


    4. Saints Row The Third Modding Basics | Saints Row Mods | Forum

      • So, you want to start modding Saints Row the Third and have no idea where to start?
      • 2. Drag one of your vanilla .vpp_pc files on to Gibbed.SaintsRow3.UnpackVPP.exe This will extract it into a subfolder of the same name as the archive.


    5. VIPER'S SRTT TWEAKS AND PORTS | Saints Row Mods | Forum

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      • Open the asm updater folder (just to verify you should have a folder named asm updater in your main directory steam/steam apps/common/saints row the third).
      • All colors now available from saints row 4 (Skin colors added,make up colors,hair colors and...


    6. Saints Row: The Third "Nude Mod 3.0" - Файлы - патч, демо, demo, моды, дополнение, русификатор, скачать бесплатно

      • И еще один мод, на этот раз для Saints Row The Third, убирающий цензуру из игры. Установка: 1) Скачать архив.
      • Saints Row: The Third "Realistic Weapons Mod v5.1".


    7. Saints Row The Third: SR2 roots mod | Saints Row Mods | Forum

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      • Why the name 'saints row 2 roots mod'? Its a name I made up, because this mod is basically an expansion to what was previously known as 'Advanced Notoriety Mod'.


    8. Saints Row – The Third: How to Remove the Censor Bar – GameTipCenter

      In Saints Row: The Third (aka Saints Row 3) for PS3 and Xbox 360, obviously you’re a lot more limited on mods compared to the PC version. On the PC version you can install all sorts of mods to create nude characters and such...


    9. Saints Row The Third Trainer | MrAntiFun, PC Video Game Trainers , Cheats and mods

      • Saints Row The Third Steam Trainer +7 Options: Inf.Health Inf.Ammo No Reload Inf.Money Inf.Gadget Max Level No Over Heat.
      • Trainer doesn't detect my game on Steam. I have Saints Row The Third with all DLC's.


    10. Mod Releases | Saints Row Mods | Forum

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      • READ THIS: Before releasing your mod... Minimaul, Apr 5, 2012. Replies: – Views