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    1. S ubtropical rainforest grows | Rainforests are special places because they provide a home for thousands of native plants and animals.

      • Sea Acres Information Sheet Stage 1: Australian rainforests Page 1. • Millions of years ago rainforests were found all over Australia because the climate was warm and wet.
      • • Many rainforest plants and animals cannot live outside the rainforest.


    2. Australian plants and animals | NSW National Parks

      • A variety of Australian animals and Australian native plants can be found in NSW national parks in their various natural habitats.
      • Relatively common across eastern Australia, in NSW they’re found in coastal rainforests and adjacent woodlands and mountain ranges.


    3. Rainforest Animals List With Pictures, Facts & Information

      • List of rainforest animals with pictures, facts & links to more information. See amazing tropical rainforest mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects & birds.
      • Rainforests are home to an incredibly diverse range of animals and plants.


    4. rainforests in australia plants and animals

      • MONOCOTYLEDON PLANTS ... Habitat: rainforests of Australia and New Guinea . Ecology: climbing ...
      • Тема: English everywhere: Jamaica and Australia Цели урока: познавательный ... mountain vistas, waterfalls, lush rainforests, and exotic plants and animals.


    5. Rainforests in Australia, Climate and vegetation, Discovering Australia, SOSE Year 6, VIC | Online Education Home Schooling Skwirk Australia

      • Tropical rainforests support a diverse range of plant and animal life. Some of the tropical rainforest species are still uncatalogued by the scientific community. This chapter looks at the rainforests of Australia as well as some of the pant and animals species.


    6. Plants & Animals in the Australian Desert | USA Today

      • Plant & Animal Life of Fiji. Endangered Plants & Animals of the African Savanna.
      • Several other species of plants thrive in Australia's deserts.
      • What Plants Are in the Gobi Desert? Common Tropical Rainforest Plants. Plant Life in Arkansas.


    7. Plants and animals in temperate rainforests

      • There are three kinds of rainforests found in Australia, tropical rainforest, sub-tropical rainforest and temperate rainforest.
      • Conserving Australian rainforests is important because these places provide an insight into how many modern-day plants and animals may have evolved.


    8. Why is rainforest | Biodiversity Australian rainforests contain half of all Australian plant families and about one third of Australia’s mammal and bird species. They provide habitat for hundreds of rare or threatened plant and animal species.

      • Australian rainforest plants and animals are the surviving residue of primitive stock from the forests of Gondwana.
      • Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage area. World Heritage areas are places which are so important that they have been set aside for all people for all time.


    9. Wildlife of Australia's Rainforest | Spotlight animals at night.

      • Discover the exotic plants and animals unique to the rainforests of northern Queensland, Australia. The wet tropics of northern Queensland are the last remaining part of the huge forest that once dominated half of Australia.


    10. Rainforest animals: Zoom Rainforests | Strata of the Rainforest Different animals and plants live in different parts of the rainforest.

      • They are havens for millions of plants and animals.
      • This 3,000 mile (4800 km) wide band is called the "tropics." Tropical rainforests are found in South America, West Africa, Australia, southern India, and Southeast Asia.