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    1. WordPress index.php

      • index.php темы WordPress содержит основной цикл, который выводит на экран все существующие записи (посты) сайта.


    2. Rename WordPress index.php

      • Read support requests in the WordPress forum and you’ll see lots of people saying it’s not possible to change the name of index.php to blog.php or site.php or anything else.php.


    3. WordPress/index.php at master · WordPress/WordPress · GitHub

      • Copy path. WordPress/index.php.
      • * wp-blog-header.php which does and tells WordPress to load the theme.


    4. remove "index.php" from permalinks - WordPress Development Stack Exchange

      Upload this file and browse via Browser. So you know which modules are enabled. You need mod_rewrite enable to remove index.php from URL.


    5. Remove index.php from wordpress url | derekmolloy.ie

      • [updated March 2015] You will notice that this site which runs using WordPress that there is no index.php in the URL when you are directly addressing a page/post or when you are linking to other...


    6. Template Hierarchy: confused with index.php, front-page.php, home.php - WordPress Development Stack Exchange

      What's the difference between the home.php and index.php? Home.php is template for posts index (archive of native Post post type, which is a special case in WP).


    7. Theme Development « WordPress Codex | Widgets (sidebar.php)

      • The index.php template file is very flexible. It can be used to include all references to the header, sidebar, footer, content, categories, archives, search, error, and any other page created in WordPress.


    8. The WordPress Theme Index Template – ThemeShaper

      • Index.php is the most crucial WordPress Theme Template. Not only because WordPress needs to use it if you’re missing any of its brother and sister templates (like, archive.php or tag.php)...


    9. Создание тем « WordPress Codex

      • Эти файлы имеют специальное значение в WordPress, поскольку они используются для замены index.php, когда они есть в каталоге темы...


    10. Файл index.php шаблона wordpress

      • Файлы шаблона CMS WordPress. index.php — самый важный в шаблоне wordpress файл. Он определяет визуальное расположение элементов сайта.