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    1. WordPress Files « WordPress Codex

      • Core WordPress index. This is the file that produces the blog output. license.txt.
      • wp-config-sample.php. A sample configuration file for connecting WordPress to your MySQL database.


    2. Rename WordPress index.php

      • Do be careful when changing the name of index.php. When WordPress is updated or re-installed it will overwrite the other site’s index.php file. Keep a backup of it and restore it whenever WP is updated/reinstalled.


    3. Index.php wordpress file

      • Wrote my blog file files wordpress files wordpress root level wordpress files. index.php id=123, order.php bookid=, Index php wordpress root level wordpress index php wordpress.
      • Is the wp this . Are using wordpress, and somehow just found out that.


    4. The WordPress Theme Index Template – ThemeShaper

      • If your index.php file is empty, please work through that lesson first, and then come right back.
      • Open up the index.php. We added some basic structural HTML in WordPress Theme Template and Directory Structure.


    5. Theme Development « WordPress Codex | Widgets (sidebar.php)

      • The index.php template file is very flexible. It can be used to include all references to the header, sidebar, footer, content, categories, archives, search, error, and any other page created in WordPress.


    6. Index.php Wordpress File

      • Topic locking down indexphp files. index.php id=1, Do i am running a very. Somehow just found out that my wordpress do i . I visit my blog file . index.php redirect url, Overwrote thehi all, code that my wordpress posts.


    7. Template Hierarchy: confused with index.php, front-page.php, home.php - WordPress Development Stack Exchange

      • The index.php file is the default fallback template for all contexts in the Template Hierarchy.
      • If the front-page.php file does not exist, WordPress will either use the home.php or page.php files depending on the setup in Settings → Reading.


    8. WordPress/index.php at master · WordPress/WordPress · GitHub

      • Nothing to show. Find file. Copy path. WordPress/index.php. fd57b23 Sep 25, 2013.
      • * wp-blog-header.php which does and tells WordPress to load the theme.


    9. theme development - Should Plugin Folders Include a Blank index.php File? - WordPress Development Stack Exchange

      I am going to say YES. Security through obscurity works if you're more obscure then your neighbors :) (joking but there is some truth to that). The reality is that the bots/scanners now compile the plugin lists right off wordpress.org and crawl the plugin url's directly...


    10. Membangun WP Theme: index.php | WordPress for Indonesia

      • Membangun WP Theme: index.php. Oke, inilah pertemuan ketiga kita dalam sharing cara membangun theme WordPress sendiri.
      • Kita akan langsung saja mengisi file index.php yang sudah kita buat kemarin tapi masih kosong.