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    1. LastPass vs. iCloud Keychain « Mac.AppStorm | Types of Data Synced

      • Both iCloud Keychain and LastPass offer the ability to generate secure passwords. iCloud’s generated passwords are four groups of three characters separated by dashes.
      • Types of Data Synced. According to Apple’s website, iCloud Keychain syncs website usernames/passwords, web...


    2. LastPass Forums • View topic - iCloud Keychain

      • Count me as someone who would be willing to pay a (small) additional subscription fee for cloud-based syncing of LastPass and iCloud Keychain if you can find a way to synchronize it on your end (in a VM running Mavericks or something).


    3. Why not pick Keychain instead of 1Password or LastPass? | Macworld

      • LastPass syncs everything through its servers, but encrypts with keys known only to users.
      • iOS apps are more likely to support LastPass and 1Password's extensions than iCloud Keychain.


    4. password - How to sync LastPass or 1Password with Apple Keychain? - Ask Different

      • I find this hard to believe, that a sync is not possible. Since I can retrieve a Password from my iCloud keychain, it would be possible to automate this process, and then import into LastPass or 1Password, right? – Mattias Jun 24 at 10:59.


    5. How to use iCloud Keychain to sync passwords across Apple devices | Cult of Mac

      • These details get stored securely, then synced across all your Apple devices with iCloud Keychain enabled.
      • How-To,Newsstand,Top stories 1Password,iCloud,iCloud Keychain,LastPass,n5,password management,Safari autofill,saved passwords,Touch ID Abhishek...


    6. iCloud Keychain: Why You Want It & How To Use It

      • iCloud Keychain syncs Safari website logins, credit card information, and Wi-Fi passphrases.
      • However, if you already use LastPass, 1Password, or another dedicated password manager, you may want to slow down and take a serious look at what you’ll be missing if you switch to iCloud Keychain.


    7. FlippedBITS: 1Password Versus iCloud Keychain - TidBITS

      • (For some reason, iCloud Keychain syncs email accounts only with other Macs, not with iOS devices.)
      • * Runs on Linux and more OSes. * Same features as 1Password, often implemented better. * LastPass has a superior Android app that requires fewer taps to use.


    8. safari - How to sync passwords between Chrome and iCloud Keychain - Ask Different

      • Accessing iCloud passwords without a Mac. 2. How to sync LastPass or 1Password with Apple Keychain? 6. Why are my passwords copied to the “Local Objects” keychain after using AutoFill?


    9. How iCloud Keychain Is Better (and Worse) Than a Password Manager

      • Of the many announcements Apple made last week, the news about iCloud Keychain seemed fairly minor.
      • Password Managers vs. Synced Passwords. For many, the answer is a password-management service such as 1Password or LastPass.


    10. iCloud Keychain VS. LastPass and 1Password | iPhoneLife.com

      • Whether you are on your desktop or on an iPad or iPhone, Safari will protect your passwords and keep them in sync.
      • I am not sure if iCloud Keychain is going to be a LastPass and 1Password killer, but right now it is for me.