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    1. How many forest fires are there each year in America

      • How many murders are committed each year in Ohio America? In the US, about 45 murders are commited a day.
      • How many trees are destroyed in forest fires a year? over 3 million! its very sad right!


    2. Location of Rainforests

      • Rainforests are generally broken into how many biogeographical realms? The largest expanse of rainforest is located on what continent?
      • How is African rainforest generally different from rainforests of Asia and South America?


    3. In south America how many acres of forest were cut down between 2000-2005

      • In Rainforests. How many rain forest trees do you cut down a year?
      • How many trees are cut down every year in South America? millions.



      • How can you help save the rainforest? You can sponsor your own acre of tropical rainforest!
      • Almost half of the remaining tropical rainforest is found in tropical America, a bit more than a third in Asia and Oceania, and fifteen percent in Africa.


    5. Are there any rainforests in in North America ? | Yahoo Answers

      • How many rainforests are in north america? Why does south america have rainforests and north america doesnt? Northern california has the only rainforest in north America?


    6. What types of animals live in the world’s tropical rain forests?

      • In the tropical rainforests of Central and South America, that ecological niche is occupied by the jaguar and the cougar.
      • From students & readers: top 10 endangered species questions. How Many Tigers Are Left In The Wild?


    7. how many rainforest are there in south america

      • Machu Picchu was covered by impenetrable rainforests until in 1911, an American ...
      • Answers.com WikiAnswers® Categories Science Biology Ecology and Bionomics Ecosystems Biomes Rainforests How many tropical rainforests are there in South America?


    8. How many rainforests are left in this world

      • For more information, please see the Related Links. There is the Amazonian one in Central and South America, One in Africa, One in India, and one in Australia.
      • How many rainforests are there in the world?


    9. Rain Forest Theme Day

      • These spices come from the flowers, seeds, fruits, and bark of many rainforest plants.
      • Discuss how everyday items may be made from products that are found in the rain forest.
      • Draw a compass – North, South, East, West. Central America Amazon Rain Forest United States.


    10. Various Tropical Rainforest Animals - Conserve Energy Future

      • Lets take a closer look at some of these animals, and you may be surprised to find out just how many unique species you can find in the tropical rainforest.
      • The Harpy Eagle is an eagle that is found in the rainforests in Central and South America. They eat sloths and several other types of small...