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9 авг 2014 ... 4 I haven't got any money. Упражнение 7. Complete the sentences. Use 'll or won't. Amy's brother is thirteen. He____ be fourteen on his next ...

First conditional


If we don't win, millions of young people won't have the chance to have a good, free university education. I. Match the ... We'll just go to another restaurant 5. ... Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets: It ……

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25 авг 2014 ... Choose between Future Simple and be going to to complete the conversation. — Can I speak to ... Use 'm going to, 're going to, 'll or won't.

Future: will and shall - English Grammar Today - Cambridge Dictionary


she, he, it, you, they. (short form). won't or shan't. won't ? +. Will or Shall. Will. I, we . she, he, it ... Will and shall (usually in the short form 'll) are used to announce decisions and to make offers: [a salesperson in .... Words, sentences and clauses .

Тесты (грамматика).


13) If I go/would go to the seaside, I'll take/take my son with me. 14) If Mike ... 16) His French won't improve provided/unless he studies with me. 17) If you .... Unit 7. 7. Complete these sentences with the correct form of the verb in brackets.

Учебное пособие по английскому языку. Часть 2.


Dan: Sure, but your day will be interesting and you'll meet people. I'll be here ..... Use the words in brackets and will or won't to complete the sentences. What will ...

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I won't go with you. ... Complete the sentences using possessive pronouns (my, your, his, her, our, their). 1 . I left … car ... I'll bring … own sheets and towels. 11 .

Module 5. What the future holds 5A. Predictions 1. Translate the ...


He thinks there won't be any petrol left ant it will be cleaner. _____ ... He thinks all people will be able to travel to the Moon. _____. 3. Look for a mistake in each sentence. Underline the ... Complete the sentences with the correct prepositions.

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A conditional sentence is a complex sentence with a subordinate clause of .... If Mike won't help her, Tom will. ... The verb BE in the if-clauses with unreal condition referring to the present or future is used in the form WERE for all persons.



Exercise 1. Read the following sentences paying attention to the intonation: Exercise 2. ..... She'll be starting school next year, won't she? 5. I asked you before, ...

Mix and match


Yes. No. Check your answers? Well done ! title. Help ?

Verbs: complete the sentences 3.

The Passive 3 | Complete the sentences


Complete the sentences. 1. Microsoft was.

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21.1 Complete the sentences with I'll + a suitable verb.


•20.5 Complete the sentences with was/were going to + one of these verbs: •21.1 Complete the sentences with I'll + a suitable verb.

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How to combine the sentences?

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Listen and complete the sentences.

Complete the sentences with will or won't and the verbs in the


Complete the sentences with will or won't and the verbs in the. box.Then decide if each sentence is a prediction,a promise\offer or an instant decision. forget have help meet pass win. 1.kate's very clever.She.the exam. 2.I.you carry your suitcases.



Teacher won't let me listen to music during tests?

! , сделать! Complete the sentences with the c | Решение задач


Complete the sentences with the correct tag endings.(закончить предложения правильным окончанием ) 1.They were happy to get the invitation letter , ...? 2.Yesterday your friends went to the cinema, ...? 3.The group of students won "t stay in the hotel

Complete the sentences with will or won ’t and a verb from the box.


A. Complete the sentences with will or won’t and a verb from the box. agree be be ready come get. like need pass.


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