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    1. Best Rock Ballads - Top Ten List - TheTopTens

      • One of the best ballads ever made and Morten's voice is so unique, beautiful, never heard a better voice in the pop/rock-world. Just GREAT!


    2. Best Rock Ballads: Page 3 - Top Ten List - TheTopTens

      • It deserves better than 26th. It's like 3 different songs all rolled up into one. This is one of the top 5 Rock songs of all time. It easily deserves the top spot for ballads alone!


    3. Best Rock Ballads: Page 4 - Top Ten List - TheTopTens

      • Best Rock Ballads. The Contenders: Page 4. 61 Estranged - Guns N Roses.
      • Top Ten Best Japanese Rock Ballads Top 10 Rock and Metal Bands that Make the Best Ballads Top Ten Hard...


    4. Best Rock Ballads: Page 5 - Top Ten List - TheTopTens

      • one of the greatest rock ballads it made the album keep the faith to one of the best selling rock albums - richie4life. For me that's, the best Bon Jovi Ballad; very good solo.


    5. List of the 100 Greatest Rock Ballads of all time at DigitalDreamDoor.com

      • Criteria: These ballads are ranked based upon their musical and lyrical quality, intitial and lasting popularity, as well as influence & impact within Rock 'n' Roll.


    6. Best Rock Ballads: Page 2 - Top Ten List - TheTopTens

      • Best Rock Ballads. The Contenders: Page 2. 21 A Tout Le Monde - Megadeth.
      • Bon Jovi has the best power ballads. All are so full of emotion. Favorite band and I was born in 2002.


    7. Best Rock Ballads: Page 6 - Top Ten List - TheTopTens

      • Should be a top ten all time rock ballad song. The orchestra score for this song is so moving. Unexpected from this band. One of their best songs ever!


    8. The Best Rock Ballads... Ever! - Wikipedia

      The Best Rock Ballads... Ever!- is a compilation album released by EMI in early 2007. It contains what it considers to be the best rock ballads recorded by international artists. Extreme - "More Than Words" (1991). Marillion - "Kayleigh" (1985). Soundgarden - "Black Hole Sun" (1994).


    9. The 40 Greatest Power Ballads Playlist - Classic Rock | Wave your lighters in the air like you just don't care

      • 36. Queensrÿche - Silent Lucidity (1990) Proof positive that proggers can preen with the best of ’em.
      • A stately art-rock ballad – although lyrics about ‘dream control’ and suchlike might be too sci-fi for...


    10. best rock ballads в mp3 скачать и слушать онлайн бесплатно / Петамьюзик

      • слушать скачать Best Rock Ballads CD1 14 – Styx - Boat On The River текст песни3:10.
      • слушать скачать Best Rock Ballads (Compilation) – In The Death Car (Iggy Pop) 5:08.