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    1. assertive behavior in nursing

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      • Nurses’ assertiveness after 2000. Researchers tended to focus on the assertive behaviour of nurses at work (Table 3) [25-30].


    2. The University of Akron | Review of Literature Researchers have consistently found that nursing student’s perceived assertiveness increased progressively throughout their nursing education and training (McCabe & Timmins, 2005, 2010; Wise, 1980). Using a three-part questionnaire, Ibrahim (2010) studied 207 nursing

      • Assertiveness and caring: are they compatible? Journal of Clinical Nursing, 13(1), 707-713. Hargie, O., & McCartan, P. (1990) Assessing assertive behavior in student nurses: a comparison of assertion measures.


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      • Your Perfect Right - a Guide to Assertive Behavior epub pdf txt.


    4. Assertive vs. aggressive behavior - Mayo Clinic

      • Assertive vs. aggressive behavior. Now consider the flip side. If your style is aggressive, you may come across as a bully who disregards the needs, feelings and opinions of others.
      • Riley JB. Responsible, assertive, caring communication in nursing.


    5. Skills of Nurses in Psychiatric Set Up | 4- Distribution of the studied sample by level of assertiveness before and after training and coping subscales.

      • Increasing assertive behavior become an expression of person's feelings.(12). Assertiveness training is designed to help nurses develop more necessary insight and interpersonal skills to become more assertive communicators.(13,14).


    6. Assertive behavior: ideas to keep in mind

      • 1) Assertive behavior is often confused with aggressive behavior; however, assertion does not involve hurting the other person physically or emotionally.
      • 4) Remember: other individuals have a right to respond to your assertiveness with their own wants, needs, feelings, and ideas.


    7. Assessing assertive behaviour in student nurses: a comparison of assertion measures - McCartan - 1990 - Journal of Advanced Nursing - Wiley Online Library

      • Abstract. This study compared four different assertive measurements used to assess student-nurse behaviour The measurements employed included a semantic differential ‘subjective self-report’, the Rathus Assertiveness Schedule, a behavioural test...


    8. Essay on Assertiveness Nursing - 453 Words

      • How Does Assertive Behavior Differ from Passive Behavior or Aggressive Behavior?
      • ...that compromise active listening • Review the impact of culture on nurse–client relationships • Describe negotiation and conflict management • Contrast assertive, passive, and aggressive communication...


    9. Correlation of Assertive Behavior with Communication Satisfaction among Nurses | Gill Kanwaljit Kaur | Journal of Health, Medicine and Nursing

      • Results: Assertive behavior has large positive correlation with interpersonal communication satisfaction at 0.01 level of significance (r= 0.505**). Older nurses who are on regular job, studied from Govt. nursing institutions and working in Govt. hospitals were more assertive.


    10. IOSR Journal of Nursing and Health Science (IOSR-JNHS)

      • Assertiveness of nurse managers. which may reduce the nurse'sassertiveness, there is little information about factors that can facilitate and develop assertive skillsThus, there is a considerable issue to realize the factors which can enhance orinhibit the assertive behavior for nurses.(9).